The Effects of Peer Pressure Today

Peer pressure affects everyone, at one time or another, while growing up. It is inevitable, unavoidable, and not always a bad thing. The positive effects of peer pressure are friendships, positive examples for younger children, and socialization. Peers can encourage each other to try new experiences, give each other feedback, and offer advice at times. Peers are important to their development and allows a child to fit in and belong to a group. It is a step toward independence. Kids are going from having their friends chosen for them by their parents, to choosing their own friends. It is a stage of growth that happens between the ages of 11 to 16, commonly known as the adolescent to teen years.

Peer pressure can also have negative effects on adolescents and teens. They can be intimidated, bullied, and talked into doing things they would not do on their own. This can be dangerous, unlawful, and hurtful to themselves or others. Some kids can resist negative peer pressure, and some kids cannot. Peer pressure today is immediate and widespread due to the internet, social media, and cell phones.


Every kid has access to immediate information, and can use it to taunt, tease, and bully peers. Kids need a strong sense of their strengths, abilities, and confidence to resist peer pressure. They also need skills that can be taught in programs, like adolescent mediation service in Bucks County PA, for example. Skills like conflict management, problem-solving, anti-bullying strategies, and decision-making.

These type of programs are available in many areas around the country. Positive peer group activities, hands-on techniques, and personal coaching, are helping adolescents and teens build positive peer groups, adapt to change and loss, navigate the internet and learn how to organize and manage their time. They are becoming strong young adults, who can resist negative peer pressure, and helps others do the same. Check out programs like teen support service in Bucks County PA, and look into similar programs in your area. Peer pressure today is a lot more intense then when you were a teen. Help your adolescent or teen build the confidence necessary to resist it.

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